Environmental policy


In its development, production and selling of concrete and masonry products, special mortar including machinery, insulation products and prefabricated concrete elements for load-bearing structures, Finja shall contribute to long-term sustainability in society and to people’s right to a healthy and rich life in harmony with nature.

The employee’s knowledge, sense and reason will be the guiding light in the environmental work carried out by the company.

Through continuous improvement, Finja will make every effort in its business activities to prevent pollution, reduce its use of finite resources, conserve biodiversity and make efficient use of resources. Collaboration with suppliers and customers is an important element of this work.

As far as it is technically and economically possible, Finja will avoid materials and methods leading to environmental risks and prefer to make use of safer alternatives.

Finja will at least meet the obligatory requirements that apply to our operations.

Finja, January 2018
Sebastian Törner
CEO, Finja Bemix AB