Certificates & documents

Bemix products are often used for buildings that must be environmentally certified according to various standards. In order for the assessment in each project to be as good as possible, we strive to optimize our products from both an environmental and quality point of view.

All products covered by a harmonized standard are CE marked. Some products are also P-marked. Our facilities undergo regular inspections by Nordcert/RISE to ensure that the requirements for CE marking/BBC marking are met.

On each product page there is information about which environmental databases the products are registered in.

ISO 14001

We are certified according to ISO 14001, which is an environmental management system that is integrated into the existing business. The certificate is approved by RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB and applies to development, purchase and sale of special use and rental and sale of Bemix machines. Download certificate.

Construction product declarations

Bemix’s construction product declarations convey information that can be used to assess a product’s environmental impact at various stages of its life cycle. Construction product declarations (BVD) are a voluntary system with an industry-wide format, structured according to the Cycle Council’s guidelines. Read more at Byggvarudeklarationers website (in Swedish).


BASTA is the industry’s only independent environmental assessment system for building and construction products. The purpose of the system is to phase out products containing substances with dangerous chemical properties and to contribute to Sweden’s national environmental quality goal of a non-toxic environment. EU legislation REACH is at the heart of BASTA’s requirements for chemical content. A large part of Bemix’s products are approved and registered in the BASTA system. Read more at Bastas website.


SundaHus Miljödata is a system of health and environmentally audited construction products that are used in connection with construction and property management. The assessment of a product is based on the supplier’s documentation of the product and on SundaHu’s assessment criteria, which are based on REACH and the Chemicals Inspectorate’s prioritization guide PRIO. Read more at SundaHus website (in Swedish).


The construction product assessment evaluates and assesses the properties and life cycle of products. Based on environmental assessments, product development is influenced towards a non-toxic and good built environment. Several of Bemix’s products are registered with Byggvarubedömningen.

CE marking – Declaration of Performance (DoP)

Construction products must have a declaration of performance and be CE marked to be sold, if they are covered by a harmonized standard or comply with a European Technical Assessment (ETA). The CE marking indicates that the product’s properties have been assessed and described in a uniform European manner and that the information is credible. All Bemix products that have a harmonized standard are CE marked.


The marking means that, in addition to legal and official requirements (e.g. Swedish building regulations), the market’s high requirements are also met. The P mark also means that the product or service is type-tested and that the manufacturer’s or contractor’s self-inspection is monitored by RISE. Some of Bemix’s products are P-marked, including A3 and A3 FF. Read more on the RISE website.

Environmental certification of buildings

Single-family houses, apartment buildings and pre-school buildings can be Nordic Swan Ecolabelled, but not construction products. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel makes demands on building processes, materials and energy requirements. Several of Bemix’s products meet the requirements in the Nordic Swan Annex 5. There are also a number of other systems for environmental certification on the market, for example Miljöbyggnad, BREEAM and LEED. Read more on the Nordic Swan Ecolabel’s website.