Environment & quality


Bemix works in the long term with environmental and quality issues, partly to continuously reduce environmental impact and partly to produce high quality products.

On the way to greener concrete

With us there is a natural commitment to sustainability issues, and focusing on the environment and future is for us a matter of course. Since 2015, we are self-sufficient on green electricity and our two wind turbines, located at Rödstahöjden outside Sollefteå, together produce nearly 20 GWh of renewable energy. This is twice as much as our companies currently consume, which allows us to continue to grow while contributing to a sustainable society.

See how our wind turbines took shape and what the transition to renewable energy means for our operations and concrete production.


Byggpall return system

The Byggpall pallet return system is nationwide and has been developed to streamline pallet management. The system means that pallet management is cheaper, easier and more environmentally sound at every level.

Byggpall makes pallet management simpler and reduces the number of pallets in the workplace. Returning pallets is straightforward and efficient because Byggpall is responsible for collection, repair and repurchase. All stages of the pallet’s journey are tracked and finally it is returned to Byggpall.

Suppliers and intermediaries invoice their customers and the end user sells the pallet back at a fixed repurchase price. This makes it an economic option and reduces building waste.

For further information go to www.byggpall.se.