Environmental work


The development, manufacture and transport of Finja’s products shall be undertaken with long-term care. Through the implementation of constant improvements, the work we do will prevent pollution, reduce the use of finite resources, preserve biodiversity, and streamline resource usage.

Read more about environmental work in Finja’s environmental policy.

Finja’s environmental goals

  • We will make every effort to attain zero emissions to air, water and land from our operations.
  • We shall optimise the use of environmentally friendly chemical products in our operations.
  • We shall continue to develop our products to reduce their contribution to CO2 emissions.
  • We shall increase the amount of recyclable residual material from our production.
  • We shall reduce our energy consumption and use only electricity from renewable sources.
  • We shall increase the use of non-finite natural resources in our production.


Below you will find our current Bemix certification.
Iso 14001.pdf