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    Specialmortar for challenges

About Bemix

As part of Finja, Bemix mainly develop special mortars, supplying them to the Swedish construction industry, and we have a wide range of advanced and customised expanding mortars. The products are aimed at professionals and their areas of use include everything from the advanced underpinning of machines, crane runways, overhead cranes, columns and bridge bearings to anchoring bolts in rock and jointing prefabricated concrete elements.

Deliveries are made throughout Sweden, and the Öresund Bridge, Emporia, Friends Arena, New Karolinska Solna hospital and Mid Sweden University in Sundsvall are few of the examples of construction projects where our products have been used. They were also put to good use with the extensive renovation of the Tingstad Tunnel. For us, the entirety is what is important, and in addition to materials and expert assistance, we provide machinery and equipment of the highest quality. Presently we are 10 employees and have our sights on an annual turnover of SEK 100 million.

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