Plastic bag

Bemix P3, F4, Elementfogbruk and Bemix repair mortar R50 is now available in plastic bags instead of the traditional paper and plastic mixing bag. Bemix has invested in durable, moisture-proof and 100 percent recyclable plastic bags for these products. The investment was made to offer our customers a more sustainable alternative to the traditional bag of mixed materials. In 2021, several Bemix products will be launched in the new packaging.

The plastic bag is durable, which eases the handling and transport. It withstands moisture, which reduces the amount of mortar that, for example due to rain, is forced to discard. It also makes it easier at the construction site, at our factories and during transport, since the bags do not need to be covered. The shelf life is extended up to 24 months compared to the previous 12. This also reduces the amount of mortar that needs to be disposed of.

The bag is more climate-smart as, in addition to being 100 percent recyclable, it consists of at least 50 percent recycled plastic. On the bag you will also find our environmental symbol representing a wind turbine as the Finja Group is self-sufficient in green electricity. Our plastic bag consists of 100 percent recyclable polyethylene and the total carbon dioxide emission for a plastic bag is about half, compared to a traditional mix bag *. 

These factors together reduce both the amount of product that needs to be manufactured to cover the loss and also the number of miles transported becomes fewer. In short, switching to plastic bags is a natural step on our journey to create a greener end product and a more sustainable Construction.

* Study Lafarae – extract from ecological efficiency analyzes of BASF SE; Plastic packaging compared to paper bags construction industry

Watch our movie about R50 now available in plastic bags! 

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