Sustainable IT

In Finja Group’s overall sustainability efforts, we continuously strive to find new ways to reduce the use of finite resources. One of our initiatives has been to implement circular lifecycle management of our IT equipment. In Sweden, 93% of the population owns a smartphone, which means that 9.5 million mobile phones are in circulation in society. Each re-manufactured mobile phone results in reduced use of heavy metals, as well as savings of 27 kg of carbon dioxide emissions and 86 kg of waste.

Our retired IT equipment, such as mobile phones and computers, is part of a circular system where we extend their lifespan through remanufacturing or refurbishment. 

This means that products that cannot be reused are recycled, and the elemental components of the equipment are properly handled. These elemental components can then be used in the manufacturing of new electronics. Thus, we can measure and present the amount of carbon dioxide emissions and waste that we have saved the environment through our sustainable IT practices.

During 2022, Finja Group saved 6,675 kg of waste and 7,550 kg of CO2 emissions through the purchase of repaired and reused retired IT equipment.

More information

Remanufacturing and refurbishing IT equipment is one of the many areas in our sustainability efforts.
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