Expansive cement for quiet and efficient fracturing

Sometimes conventional blasting techniques cannot be used to remove boulders, rock outcrops or concrete foundations, because of their location. Use Snigeldynamit (snail dynamite) to fracture stone, rock and concrete – silently, simply and carefully without impacting the surrounding area. The product can be used both outdoors and indoors, above ground and under water, as long as the temperature is above freezing.

Fracturing stone, rock and concrete using Snigeldynamit is simple. It is vibration-free and does not cause fragmentation or gassing. No licence is needed to buy or use the product, and nor is expensive pre-inspection or re-inspection of neighbouring buildings. Fracturing is carried out when and where you want. All in all this gives a safe and satisfactory result and is economically sound.

How does SNIGELDYNAMIT® work?

Snigeldynamit is a lime-based product that is mixed with water and which expands slowly as the mixture hardens. As it expands the pressure builds to over 80 MPa (8000 tonnes/m²). This means that granite, with a splitting tensile strength of 6–16 MPa, can be fractured easily. The same applies to plain concrete (3–5 MPa).

The expansion continues even after cracks have formed in the object. This expands the cracks even further, which makes transporting the fractured material away easy.

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Fill the hole with SNIGELDYNAMIT®

Spräckning med snigeldynamit
Cracking open with SNIGELDYNAMIT®