Conrep SR


is a pumpable, high-performance, thixotropic, shrinkage-compensated and fiber-reinforced repair mortar based on construction cement. The mortar is intended for concrete repairs with high requirements such as repair class R4. It can be used for repairing both vertical and horizontal concrete surfaces, without formwork and in layer thicknesses of 5-50 mm. Can also be used when joining concrete elements and natural stone where a tight joint is required.

Packed in a new smart plastic bag. Sustainability is extended up to 24 months compared to the previous 12. Learn more about the new plastic bags here.

Product data

Article number



20 kg  á 48 bags/ palette

Product category

Repair mortar



Material consumption

20kg/m2 = 10 mm thickness

Minimum layer thickness

5 mm

Maximal layer thickness

50 mm

Chloride content

<0,02 % according to SS-EN 1015-17

Water demand

3 liter / 20kg

Carbonation resistance



Cement CEMI 42,5 N SR3 MH/LA EN 197-1


Dmax = 1mm Naturesand

Fiber reinforced


Adhesion strength

3 MPa

Compressive strength 28 days

45 MPa

Exposure classes

XC4, XD3, XS3, XF4, XA2 according to SS13703:2015

Reparation class

R4 according to EN 1504-3

Frost resistance in a humid environment with deicing salt

2,5 MPa SS EN 13687-1:2002



Capillary absorpion


Water cement ratio (vct)



24 months


20 kg


The concrete substrate must be clean and free of dust, damaged concrete, grease or other contaminants that may impair adhesion. Substrate with a roughened and raw surface with closely spaced irregularities provide better adhesion. Clean the substrate carefully and if possible pre-water 24 hours before casting. Remove free water just before casting.

Conrep SR is mixed for at least 5 minutes to a lump-free mass. The mixing takes place with a concrete mixer. Vary the water content according to the desired consistency. However, no more water than is specified in the technical data. The concrete mass must have a temperature of approx. 20 °C. Compensate cold dry use with warm water and vice versa.

Application advice:
The mortar is best applied with a steel trowel or trowel in layers up to 50 mm. The surface can then be felted or smoothed to achieve the desired surface structure. When grouting, ensure that joints are always completely filled to avoid voids and apply either by hand with the Bemix hand mortar pump or with the help of our electric concrete pumps.

After treatment:
Semi-hardened material can be adjusted with a trowel. Free and unprotected surfaces are protected immediately after casting so that shrinkage and dehydration cracks do not occur. After casting, the surface can be moisture-cured with a thin, light mist of water, but that cannot mechanically damage the mortar. At air temperatures above 5°C, curing may take place with remaining form, covering or supply of water and may last the entire first week. As soon as the surface hardens, it can be watered and covered.