Finja Laga Vägg


Low dust, self-drying wall filler for filling, levelling and smoothing of indoor walls and ceilings. Up to 100 mm in one layer.

Filling and correction of concrete, light concrete, stone and ceramics, plaster of at least class CS III and plasterboard. For use on walls and ceilings. Suitable as a base for tiles, wallpaper and paint. For indoor use.

Product data

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15 kg

Product category

Repair mortar


Processable minutes

Compression strength

Layer thickness in mm


Consumption kg/m2/mm


Water consumption = litres/kg mortar


1 kg dry mortar = finished concrete in litres




The surface should be clean and free from dust, a cement-rich skin, grease, form oil or other contaminants that may prevent adhesion. Highly absorbent substrates, e.g. dry concrete blocks, concrete, should be treated with Finja Primer before filling. Non-absorbent substrates, e.g. thick paint, plasterboard and metal, should be pretreated with Finja Gipsprimer. The temperature of the substrate and work area should be between 10 °C and 25 °C. Newly poured concrete should not be filled within one month of pouring. Surfaces cast in smooth forms must be keyed before filling.

Mix a 15 kg sack with 3.0–3.9 litres of tap water to achieve a lump free compound and then mix for a further two minutes. Mixing is done with a drill and mixer attachment. Vary the amount of water for the desired consistency.

Use a filling knife or plastering trowel for thicker layers. Scratch on an initial thin layer and then build up to the desired thickness.

Finishing off
When the filler is half cured it is easy to cut and shape. Scrape off any excess material as soon as the compound has cured slightly; it saves a lot of grinding work.

Finja waterproofing can be applied when the surface is dry. Usually 1–3 hours after filling. In the case of finishes that are sensitive to damp, follow the supplier’s instructions.