Bemix Primer


High grade primer for cement based products. The product has a low surface tension and creates a good film on the substrate. Adhesion is excellent, even on substrates that have been exposed to water and high alkalinity.

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The substratum must be clean, dry and free of loose material such as laitance, dust, fat and oil, as well as any other impurities. To provide the best possible adhesion, the substratum should be abraded using rough sandpaper or through blasting and vacuuming.

In diluted form, application by spraying is recommended where possible. Alternatively, use a sprinkler can then brush with a soft broom. Avoid puddling in floor recesses.

Drying time:
The product should be left to dry until a film has developed before fresh concrete is applied. This may take place within one hour if the substratum is absorbent. It is possible to wait for up to two days before applying the concrete. If a longer period is allowed to elapse between priming and casting, it would be preferable to reprime.

Tools can be cleaned in water.