Bemix High Tech 310 FF


Bemix High Tech 310 FF is easy to apply by hand or with suitable pumping equipment. Cures in temperatures down to -10°C. Used for jointing of concrete elements and natural stone where a joint with good seal and high adhesion is required. Also suitable for smaller filing jobs where formwork cannot be used.

Product data

Article Number:



25 kg á 40 bags/ palette

Product category

Expanding mortar


Jointing, Application in sub-zero temperatures


20 minutes

Compression strength

50 MPa

Layer thickness jointing

Unreinforced 5–40 mm

Layer thickness other applications

Unreinforced 5–20 mm


2 kg/m2/mm

Water quantity per 25 kg

3,75 litres

1 kg dry mortar = finished concrete

0,5 litres





Clean the substrate carefully and if possible pre-water 24 hours before casting. Remove surface water immediately before casting.


Do not mix by hand. The best mixer is a rapid mixer type Rojo 50, automatic mixer or flat mixer. For smaller quantities, mixing with a drill and mixer attachment works well. Mix to an even and clump-free consistency. Always pour in the water first. Use a graduated mixing vessel and ensure that the temperature of the mix is 20°C. The mixed concrete must be used within 20 minutes.


The mix is pumped into the joints with a Bemix concrete pump. Smaller quantities can be applied manually into the joint with a Bemix concrete injector.

After treatment:

Concrete that needs to be removed is scraped off with a finishing trowel once it has hardened sufficiently. Visible surfaces in the joint are shaped to the required appearance.

After curing:

When after treatment is done protect free surfaces from drying out. Apply a water mist and protect with plastic sheeting. Keep damp for the whole first week. Sub-zero temperature: after-watering should not be done if applying in sub-zero temperatures.