Bemix Condur Fluid


Condur Fluid is a hydrophobic/water-repellent impregnation in a liquid consistency.  Silane-based 1-component impregnation liquid, environmentally friendly and solvent-free. Protects concrete and reinforced concrete in road, bridge and building constructions. Easy to apply, very good penetration and excellent water repellency. Delivered in 25 kg barrels.

Product data

Article number





0.88 g/cm³


42 °C

Molecular weight

~276.0 g/mol

Silane content

~99 %

Viscosity, dynamic

1.9 mPa·s


~200–300 g/m² (values ​​are indicative only)

Layer thickness

~100–150 g/m²

Application temperature surface

Lowest +8 °C, Highest +30 °C

Application temperature air

Lowest +8 °C, Highest +35 °C

Package size

25 kg (barrel)

Meets requirements for hydrophobic impregnation

Protection against intrusion (1.1)
Moisture control (2.1)
Increased resistivity through limitation of moisture content (8.1)


Requirements on the basis

The substrate must be dry, load-bearing and free of characteristic or foreign substances. Concrete surfaces to be treated with hydrophobization must have a curing time of at least 28 days. Remove less solid layers and sludge accumulations, dust residues and free standing water. Impregnation should always be carried out on surface-dry concrete, i.e. when the surface of the concrete appears evenly dry and no damp spots are visible. Moisture in the surface zone of the concrete is measured using appropriate technology (CM test or other approved method). The moisture content of the concrete must be no more than 4% with a recommended guideline value of 3% (from the surface to a depth of 20 mm and tested with the appropriate method).

  • Surface temperature: Min 3 °C above the dew point and within the temperature range 8-30 °C
  • Air temperature: Min 5 °C to max 35 °C
  • Waiting time after rain: Min 24 hour

Material preparation

Undiluted, ready to use. Must not be diluted. Stir thoroughly before application.


  1. Pretreatment of the substrate – If preparation of the substrate is required, cleaning with a brush or high-pressure washing is recommended. After cleaning with high pressure washing, let the surface dry long enough, approx. 2 days. It is imperative that the water be removed immediately to prevent saturation of the concrete. New surfaces, which have not yet become dirty, must be cleaned of coarse particles and dust deposits by sweeping or – if necessary – blown clean using compressed air.
  2. Hydrophobization – Apply Condur Fluid evenly on the concrete surface in 2-3 layers, and in subsequent layers “wet on wet”. The amount of impregnation depends on the concrete quality and the moisture content of the substrate. Test areas (1 m2) should be prepared on the concrete surface to be protected to see if the requirements are met with the dosage used in the tests. It is recommended to prepare test areas with different dosages. Performance can be determined by measuring water uptake after 28 days (compared to untreated sample). Applied from the bottom up, either with a low-pressure sprayer or low-pressure airless sprayer, brush or roller.
  3. Safety Precautions – When applying with airless spray, be sure to protect and avoid material spillage; when working near the road, prevent spillage on the vehicle and road surface as it can impair visibility and grip. Bemix Condur Fluid must never come into direct contact with bitumen. Resistance of insulation materials to Bemix Condur Fluid must be tested for the required temperature in each individual case.
  4. Finishing – After application, the hydrophobicized surfaces must be protected against moisture and rain for 24 hours. In case of unexpected rain, cover already impregnated surfaces and stop all further impregnation.