Bemix Betongspackel


Cement based flexible filer that stays workable for along time, for use on concrete surfaces indoors and outdoors. Used for filling pores and joins from casting, as well as for repairing stairs, balconies etc. where there are no special requirements for the repair material. The mix stays workable for along time, making it especially suitable for time-consuming repairs. Intended for layers up to 15 mm thick.

Product data

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25 kg  á 40 bags/ palette

Product category

Repair mortar


Processable minutes


Compression strength


Maximum layer thickness in mm

Max 15

Consumption kg/m2/mm


Maximum added water litres/25 kg


1 kg dry mortar = finished concrete in litres





The substrate must be clean and free of dust, damaged concrete, grease or other substances that might weaken adhesion. For best results, treat the substrate with Bemix Korrohäft. With rough surfaced-substrates it is usually sufficient to pre-water the surface so that it is damp but not saturated.

A 25 kg sack of cement is mixed with max 5.2 litres of drinking water for at least five minutes into a clump-free mix. Mixing is done with a drill and mixer attachment. Vary the amount of water for the desired consistency. The temperature of the substrate and surroundings should be 5°C to 25°C. The filler is best applied with a steel trowel in layers up to 15 mm. The semi-hardened filler can be cut and shaped. The product does not need after treatment but should be protected from sun and wind for the first 24 hours.