Bemix Rapidspackel


Lightweight smooth putty based on lightweight ballast and quick cement. Can be used on newly cast concrete. Short cure time which gives a fast progress. Used when repairing cast wounds, cracks, pores, holes and the like for horizontal and vertical surfaces. Provides a smooth surface ready for painting with minimal finishing.

Product data

Article Number:



20 kg

Product category

Repair mortar


Processable minutes

< 30 min

Compression strength

Layer thickness in mm

Max 15

Consumption kg/m2/mm


Water quantity litres/25 kg

5,5 – 5,6

1 kg dry mortar = finished concrete in litres




The substrate must be clean and free of dust, damaged concrete, grease or other contaminants that can weaken adhesion. The temperature of the substrate and surroundigs should be 5 ° C to 25 ° C during the curing time.

Approx. 5 minutes with a drill and mixer attachment. A 20 kg sack Rapidspackel is mixed in 5.50-5.60 liters of drinking water for at least five minutes to a clump-free mix. Mixing is done with a drill and mixer attachment. Vary the amount of water for the desired consistency.

Rapidspackel is most preferably applied with steel putty or ladle. The semi-hard filler can be cut and form. The product normally does not require any finishing treatment but should be protected from sun and wind for the first 24 hours.