Bemix Elementfogbruk


Bemix Elementfogbruk is an expanding cement that is used for simple castings, joints and underpourings. The product is pumpable and can be used for filing cavities and underpouring for pillars and machines, as well as for filling core joints for element joints etc. Can also be used for other types of casting work such as stairs, foundations and supporting walls.

Product data

Article number:




25 kg

1000 kg

Product category

Expanding mortar

Expanding mortar


Jointing, Pumpable Jointing, Pumpable

Processable minutes

20 20

Compression strength

50 50

Layer thickness in mm

20-150 20-150

Consumption kg/m2/mm

2 2

Water quantity litres/25 kg

3,15 – 3,35

3,15 – 3,35

1 kg dry mortar = finished concrete in litres

0,5 0,5



Application advice:
The surfaces of the joins should be clean and free of dust, damaged concrete, grease or other contaminants that could impair adhesion. Pre-water for at least 24 hours. Remove surface water immediately before casting. Rough surfaces give better adhesion. The concrete is applied manually and carefully packed. The concrete can also be pumped with a purpose-designed concrete pump. Ensure that joints and underpourings are always completely filled so as to avoid cavities.

Mixing is done mechanically for approximately 5 minutes in a slow-action mixer, such as a flat or free-fall mixer. Smaller quantities can be mixed with a mixer attachment. The concrete mix should have a temperature of approximately 20°C. Compensate cold dry material with warm water and vice versa.

After treatment:
Semi-hardened material can be adjusted with a finishing trowel. Free and undamaged surfaces should be treated immediately after casting with a thin, light misting of water that cannot mechanically damage the material. As soon as it is hard, water carefully and cover with plastic. Keep the concrete damp for at least a week after application and try to keep an even temperature of 15˚C while it is curing. In sub-zero temperatures use Bemix Elementfogbruk FF.