Bemix Brukspruta rak

Bemix Brukspruta rak


Grout injectors in six variants for use in joining concrete elements and stone walls, filling molds in confined spaces and boreholes - all directions, as well as undercasting. The injector is manufactured in various designs to suit all purposes and is available in two straight and two angled (45 °) variants. In addition to these four, of which two have round nozzles, there are two syringes intended for bolts, one long (40 cm) and one short (20 cm).

Product data

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Product category

Accessories machines



Exterior diameter

61 mm

Total length

ca 650 mm

Net weight

ca 900 g

Mortar volume

ca 1 l


Grout injector works like a hand pump. Regardless of the design, fill the syringe using the suction that occurs when the piston (handle) is pulled up. After use, empty it in the opposite way by pushing the flask forward. Then remove the flask and clean it thoroughly. Finish by lubricating the flask package, piston rod and the inside of the cylinder with oil.